Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mini sock key chains


I have been asked how to make my little sock keychains, here is a basic recipe... you might need to add a row or two in some places, depending on your gauge and the yarn, I never really count the row just try to get them to look right:

With sockyarn and 2.5 mm needles or whatever size you usually use for socks CO 20 st, knit 1/1 ribbing for 4 rows, then continue in stockinette stitch until leg is about 1 inch. Knit short row heel with wrapped stitches over half of the stitches (you can do every other short row heel as well), after heel knit in stockinette again for 7-9 rows.
(K1, ssk, k 4, k2 tog, k1) twice
knit all around
(K1, ssk, k 2, k2 tog, k1) twice
(K1, ssk, k2 tog, k1) twice
cut yarn, pull yarn through remaining 8 st to close the toe, weave in ends - use cast on end to sew to a key ring or keychain.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Care of Magical Creatures Homework

Another week is gone, so here is my homework - it is due today, so I finished on last minute. But I got the extra parts done as well...

Part 1: Describe and explain 5 items that you would use for the care of magical creatures


  1. Gloves - of course magically enhanced - to handle animals that might bite, are poisonous or spit acid
  2. nail clippers - to shorten the claws of some animals, to prevent them from harming themselves or each other
  3. brush - to brush their hair, to remove dirt stuck to their pelt
  4. belt - serves as an impromptu leash if you use the right charm on it
  5. wool - to make a soft nest for orphaned baby animals
Part 2: Answer the following questions

1. Please describe the physical appearance of a house elf. - House elves are between two to three feet tall, with spindly arms and legs and over-sized heads and eyes. They have pointed, bat-like ears and high, squeaky voices. Rather than conventional clothing, house-elves wear discarded items like pillowcases and tea-towels
2. Kreacher is the house elf of which wizarding family? - The Black family
3. What is Hermione Granger making for the house elves? - she's knitting little hats for them
4. How do you free a house elf? - Make them a gift in form of a piece of clothing
5. What does S.P.E.W. stand for? - Society for the Promotion of Elvish Welfare

Part 3: For bonus points, knit or sew a SPEW item - I decided to crochet a sunny yellow hat with a scalloped edge. And as I just realized, I forgot my originality marker for this picture, I'll take a new one and exchange it later


Edit: Here is another picture, to prove that it is my hat... same originality marker as always


Monday, April 5, 2010

Transfiguration homework

I have almost finished my homework, just the bowtruckle and the time turner refuse my attempts of Transfiguration. But I won't give up and hope to get that done as well.

My originality marker is the black notebook with dragon, I didn't photograph it separately.

Nosebiting Teacup


I forgot my originality marker in the first photo, but I hope it still counts. The spell efficio poculum transfigured it into the lovely teapot below - but be careful, or it might bite your nose


Golden snitch


To turn this into a golden snitch, I used the spell efficio picala




Efficio memorium turned the above items into a beautiful Remembrall




This spell was a bit tricky to figure out, but
oculus clarus helped me to create a pair of spectrespecs


Decoy Detonator


The results here are not too pretty, but at least the Decoy Detonator works, the spell I used was Sonitus falsus


Rock Cakes


This was another tricky one, but at last I remembered the spell crustum saxum to make some rock cakes