About me

I decided to add this to my blog, to make it a little easier for future swap pals to find out what I might like. Of course there is still the wish list in my side bar which I'll update before every swap, but there is so much more than a simple wish list or questionaire can tell you about me.

I love to knit and crochet equally, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. I do some sewing as well, even if I'm not very experienced yet, so sewing supplies would be welcome too. As I'm learning how to spin with a drop spindle, I could do with some spinning fiber as well, but please no wool at all for spinning fiber - the tiny bits that fly around will cause an asthma attack, so I can't spin wool at all. Other animal fibers, milk, bamboo etc are all fine, just no sheep for me please.

My wool allergy keeps me from knitting with commercially dyed wool as well, handdyed is fine though. And I can just wear wool as socks, nowhere else on my skin - don't know why my feet aren't as sensitive, but I'm not complaining. So please if you knit anything for me besides a bag or socks, don't use wool or wool blends. Apart from wool, I'm allergic to cats, cat hair causes asthma attacks too. There are more allergies, but none fiber or food related, so I won't bore you with a long list of things - just don't send me anything scented, as some scents might cause asthma too.

Now that we are done with the bad stuff, on to the things I like...

I'm not opposed to any fiber, as long as the yarn feels nice, even 100 % acrylic has it's use - for amigurumi for example. Of course I prefer to use nice and soft yarns, but as I said, it depends on what I want to use it for. My favourite colours are black, purple and red, but for my son I love almost all colours - just no pastels or pink. And of course I'd love to receive some yarn that is hard to get in Germany like KnitPicks or other US brands - or even handdyed by you.

Something besides sock yarn would be great, I have way too much of that already - but fingering weight yarn without wool is fine, as I can use it for more things than just socks.

There is no such thing as too many stitch markers, but please nothing too long and dangly for me, I prefer shorter markers. Supplies to make my own markers would be great too - supplies for almost any craft would be welcome, now that I think of it. I just don't like embroidery or cross stitch, everything else is fun.

Recently I started to make knotted jewellery with beads for myself, so cotton or hemp up to 2 mm would be great too, this is addicting - not that I needed another creative hobby, but I just couldn't resist the book.

I have links to my Etsy favourites and my Amazon wishlist in my sidebar, they might give you some ideas about what I like as well.

On to the non-crafty stuff now...

I'm a goth, wear almost exclusively black with a bit of red or purple thrown in. I collect dragons and everything with dragons on it, but please no cutesy, sparkly ones. But I'm still a girly girl, love lace and ruffles and skirts etc.

I like to cook and bake and love to experiment in the kitchen, to try new things. So new recipes from all over the world would be great, they just should not use too many premade ingredients as I might have a problem finding those here.

Tea and coffee are both welcome here, as is cocoa - flavoured or not flavoured, everyone in my family likes something different, so you can't go wrong with them. The same goes for sweets, we like almost all of them except for licorice.

Speaking of my family, I love to find a little something like a small toy or some sweets just for my 6 year old son in the box - he is always terribly disappointed when I receive a box of goodies and there is nothing for him. Doesn't need to be anything big, just something small that's just for him.

That's all I can think of now, but if you have any questions, just ask