Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kit received


A rather tired owl arrived today with a parcel for me from Cassandra Goode. Inside I found a big, handknit robot for my son plus yarn and patterns to make two more. For me there was the pattern for Ravenclaw socks from our Emma Wigworthy plus wool-free yarn to knit them... I really think I should learn how to do fair isle now.

I found a pair of straight knitting needles with strawberries at the top, a pair of chain mail earrings with turtles, a beautiful hair comb and a pompom maker in the box as well. Oh, and I almost forgot about the knitting pattern to make a cute little bunny.

Thanks, Cassandra

Friday, June 4, 2010

my SPEW contribution


Those hats are my contribution to SPEW this term, they have been sent today and will be donated to Bonnie Babies in the UK. I have chosen mostly warm and bright colours as I hope they will bring some light into the lives of a family. Small gestures like this can really make a difference - at least I hope they do.