Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kit received


A rather tired owl arrived today with a parcel for me from Cassandra Goode. Inside I found a big, handknit robot for my son plus yarn and patterns to make two more. For me there was the pattern for Ravenclaw socks from our Emma Wigworthy plus wool-free yarn to knit them... I really think I should learn how to do fair isle now.

I found a pair of straight knitting needles with strawberries at the top, a pair of chain mail earrings with turtles, a beautiful hair comb and a pompom maker in the box as well. Oh, and I almost forgot about the knitting pattern to make a cute little bunny.

Thanks, Cassandra


Intarsia Bindoff said...

wow that is a lot of yarn! Who was your character?

Emma Gorodok said...

I'm not sure - it was supposed to be Draco, Sirius Black or Bellatrix and I can't find any of them in there

Cassandra Goode said...


i was kinda going for Belatrix = crazy robots but it was stretching the metaphor a bit :)