Sunday, May 18, 2008

I had a great birthday

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, I really had a great day. The party was fun too, I enjoyed to get to know some of you.

I got some great birthday presents, but nothing knitting related as the book did not arrive in time and my friends had to buy something else instead... As far as I know, they had planned to get Arans and Celtics for me, now I got an audio book and a book by Terry Pratchett. I like them too, but the knitting book would have been awesome.

Besides, I got some cute Mary Janes with just a bit of a heel, they will look great with a pair of jeans as well as with a skirt. And not to forget the muggle money and the gift certificate for a clothing store. Now I can do some shopping, as soon as I am back to the muggle town Dortmund again.

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