Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ravenclaw week 2 homework assignment

1- What form does your Patronus take? What does it symbolize for you?
It's a big panther, strong yet elegant.

2- Did you bring a cat, an owl, a toad, or other pet with you? What is their name?
Of course a cat - she is black and called Bijou.

3- What is your favorite class here at Hogwarts?
I like most classes, but definitely enjoy DA

4- What is worth sneaking out of the castle for, even if you got caught?
I would never do something like that *whistles innocently*

5- What has made you laugh so hard that you've had butterbeer come out your nose?
The things my 4 year old son says.... like for example "Mommy, can your hear that it's stinky in the bathroom?"

6- What yarn do you covet? Link please...
I knit a lot of socks, there it would be the Raven Clan colours from Socks that Rock
And I got a chance to knit with Knit Picks Andean Silk even if it is not available in Germany - it's so soft and lovely to knit with

7- What is your favorite flavor... the one thing you could simply not live without? Is brand important?
Chocolate - no matter if milk chocolate or dark, hot chocolate, with nuts, with mint... I just don't like Hersheys milk chocolate as it has too much vanilla for my liking

8- How many HSKS terms have you participated in?
This is my fifth term

9- Do you have a birthday, anniversary or other big Muggle event during this year at Hogwarts? If yes, please tell us what.
No, my birthday is mid-May so it is after the year ends

10- You in 5 words.
Mom, Goth, witch, knitter, geek


Hermione Bagnold said...

Hahahaha! Aren't preschoolers precious?! I have a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old, and when they're not screaming and fighting, they're so funny! LOL

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the bathroom talk! My oldest babe Emerson came out of my father-in-laws bathroom and, quite innocently said "Opa, you really need to clean in there... it smells awful!" I almost fell off the couch laughing! Children are so fun!

Megaera Black said...

Emma it's great to see you came over to Ravenclaw! Oh come I know for a fact that you've sneak out of the castle on many occasions ;-)

Anonymous said...

You've been tagged for something silly on my blog! :-)