Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My kit arrived

Look what the wonderful Pandora Phelps sent me:

  • a beautiful, big project bag
  • a small purse
  • a wand cozy
  • a golden snitch
  • rosewood dpns
  • a mini bamboo crochet hook
  • a wooden shawl pin
  • a Ravenclaw bookmark
  • two balls of blue soysilk
  • a pattern for Evangeline gloves to make with the soysilk
  • a ball of KnitPicks sport and shine in red, red pipecleaner and safety eyes
  • a crochet dragon pattern to make with the above items
  • beeswax chapstick
That's an awesome kit, I can't wait to use the soysilk - never had soysilk before, but it feels wonderfully soft and will make great gloves. As I love dragons, the dragon will be fun to make too - I'll just have to keep it away from my son.

The shawl pin is perfect, as it is really lightweight, I think I'll need to wear my shawl tomorrow so I can use it.

I've never seen such a cute, tiny crochet hook, it might go directly to my project bag and help me pick up dropped stitches.

I'm curious about the rosewood needles, never used them before, but they look beautiful.

Now I'll have to go, want to fondle the yarn a bit more and perhaps I'll use the hour or so I got before picking my son up from kindergarten to cast on for the gloves.

Thanks again, Pandora, you've been a great spoiler. It was always nice to get a message from you and the kit is really great.


Pandora said...

I am so glad you like everything. I forgot I sent you the shaw pin! I hope you can use it.

I can't wait to see the dragon you make!

Emma Gorodok said...

the shawl pin is great, as I didn't have one yet. I've been looking but they were all too heavy or colourful

SapphireGypsy said...

I LOVE that bag... it's so beautiful. If it goes missing you know who stole it. ;)