Saturday, November 14, 2009

Wow, that was fun

First of all, sorry that I've been so quiet but the stupid muggle technology called 'Laptop' refused to let me write to this blog while I was on vacation in the UK. I'm going to give you a bit of a report here, more about the conventions I attended can be found on my muggle blog


After a long day (I had to use muggle transportation like airplanes, subways and trains) I arrived in Birmingham to attend a convention called The Hub 3 - it was all about a TV series called Torchwood. To blend in, I made a costume related to one of the characters, but of course I femalized it. Below is a picture of the original costume:

Unfortunately, James Marsters (the actor who played John Hart) couldn't be there as he had an accident on set of his new project, but it still was a lot of fun. I got to know a lot of nice people and will try to stay in contact with some of them. To my surprise, there were a lot of German people as well and I feared I would be the only one. More photos can be found in this flickr Album and as I said before, a full report is on my muggle blog.

Then I spend a few days in London, just walking around and visiting museums - but it was really crowded everywhere and I didn't get to visit the Science Museum or the Natural History Museum because of the masses trying to get in there. No way I'm going to queue over an hour to get into a museum just to not be able to see anything because it is filled with little kids. Next time I probably shouldn't go there during half term.


The next weekend I went to another convention about all things Joss Whedon has created and as it was around Halloween it was called Hallowhedon. This time, James Marsters was there - even if he still was in pain because of his accident (something with his spine, a slipped disk if I got it right). Once again, I had lots of fun with my friend Birgit (on the pic with me) and got to know a lot of nice and interesting people. The outfit on the photo was handmade, I crochet a triangle shawl and a skirt (with a petticoat style musslin skirt underneath) - thanks to handmade jewelry by Roseworksjewelry, which she custom made for me, I could wear the shawl like wings for the Halloween party.


And of course I got a photo taken with James Marsters - I just had to wear my John Hart outfit, even if it was the wrong convention. It was so worth all the effort I put into it, as James Marsters commented on it and told me he loved it *swoon*. Again, more photos on flickr and a full report on my muggle blog.

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