Friday, May 14, 2010

Is this week over yet?

Since I blogged last week, everything in my house dissolved into chaos - my son got sick, my partner as well... We are finally somehow back to normal, but now I need to clean the house as I will have guests for the weekend. It's my birthday tomorrow and inlaws will visit on Sunday.

But there are a few positive things to report, I have the handmade item for Rowena done, just need to make a few small things - and of course I still need to dye the yarn for her, but my skein winder is still broken. But if all else fails, I'll wind it with my niddy-noddy to be able to send during the early send period.

Unfortunately the next Quidditch match will be in the middle of the night for me, so I can't even cheer for Ravenclaw. So I decided to at least post a battle cry here:

ROAR Ravenclaw!


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