Friday, July 23, 2010


Here a bit more information about the people I filled in:

  • Poppy Pluot might live a bit farther away than 100 miles, but as far as I know she is the closest as we both live in Germany
  • Gryphon the Great lives in the US
  • Celestina Pettigrew loves chocolate - and so do I
  • Ambyr Phoenixfire played Quidditch last term
  • Hermione Bagnold owns all the HP movies
And now a bit about me, to help everyone:

  • I can spin with a hand spindle, but I'm not very good yet
  • have been on many trains, mostly to visit my parents in Völklingen, but as well to Berlin, Frankfurt, Dresden, Birmingham etc
  • I speak German, English plus a bit of French and Spanish
  • I dye and sell yarn
  • have 1 sister
  • my patronus is a panther
  • collect dragons
  • have been to Edinburgh Castle
  • make and sell stitch markers
  • live in Dortmund, Germany
  • love chocolate and almost all kinds of candy except for liquorice
  • my Birthday is in May

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