Friday, November 14, 2008

Package received

Today arrived a very tired owl with a really big package for me. Eugene Nigeno put together a real special package for me, filled with lots and lots of nice stuff.

Everything was nicely wrapped in silver tissue paper with dark green ribbon, it was a pleasure to unwrap

Inside I found one exciting thing after the next... A knitting pattern by Wendy Johnson, a beautiful Slytherin Fair-Isle bag, bamboo/merino sockyarn, roving, bamboo dpns, holders for dpns shaped like hats and gloves, sock knitting stitch markers, postcards, sweets and two keychains - one a little sock on a sockblocker and the other a converse boot.

I hope I didn't forget anything in my description, but everything is on the picture. And to show you more details of this awesome package, I made some more pics:

Look at this beautiful yarn and roving, I really have to practice spinning so I can use this roving

And here is a close up of the bag where you can see the lining

And here are the stitch markers and key chains

1 comment:

Penelope Caerphilly said...

That roving is absolutely gorgeous!!! And the little converse keychain is so cute!! What an awesome package!