Thursday, October 30, 2008

finally back

I'm finally back online again and able to post as much as I want - okay, not really because I still have other things to do but at least I don't miss out on all the fun here...

As the weather is really bad here, I won't go trick-or-treating with my son for halloween, it's raining like mad and Halloween for the kids would have been today. It's not celebrated that much in Germany but they always make a party for the kids OUTSIDE and the kids can go trick-or-treating in the shops around the market place. But as it's raining all the time and we all just recovered from the flu, I think it's better to stay at home.

As it is our anniversary tomorrow, I'll go to a party with my partner and most likely dress up, perhaps I'll post a pic if you're interested.

Now I have to do some cleaning at home, didn't master the spell for self-folding laundry yet and my dishes always break when I try to magically clean them - so no way around at doing it the muggle way. I really have to practice those spells

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Anonymous said...

Hi Emma!

I also hate housework. Hang in there!

I just wanted to let you know that there should be a little something on its way to cheer you up soon... Es kommt nächste Woche warscheinlich eine Eule in deiner Richtung!