Saturday, August 1, 2009

Owl on it's way

I know, I have been terribly quiet this term, but I have packed the kit for Lavender and send an owl to her today. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

I wanted to add so many more things, but somehow I always went over the budget with them so I had to limit myself. But I'm sure she will like it as I picked up some hints she dropped on her blog. Now back to my busy life and my son - when kindergarten has vacation, he keeps me really busy


Pandora said...

Have you ever been shipped something from the US that says that it is flat rate?

I thought about sending you some pop tarts.

Ann said...

How cool - you've send out your kit! Congrats on finishing!

Emma Gorodok said...

Sorry for not answering earlier, Pandora but I was rather busy and on top of that my computer misbehaved... I got quite a few packages that were International Flatrate and it always worked fine. I've lost your email address in my computer crash, so I hope you'll read this