Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 truths and a lie

Here are 4 facts about me - not my HSKS charakter Emma Gorodok, but Yvonne. 3 of them are true, 1 is a lie... have fun guessing which one is the lie:

1. I've never read a single Harry Potter book
2. I've already visited Africa, but otherwise I stayed in Europe
3. I'm fluent in 3 languages - including my native language German
4. I have never eaten shellfish

can't wait to see who'll find it out


Ann said...

Hmmm - I'm not in your cabin (I'm you spoiler) but I'll have a go at your 3 truths and a lie. I guess you've been outside Europe and not as Africa.

:D Ann

Bridget The Bloodthirsty said...

I'm going to guess that number 2 is the lie.

If you really did visit Africa, that's really cool!

Rowena Weasley said...

Dude, i'm guessing you've never read harry potter....the others are too outlandish....I'm going with this....you heathen!

Lizzie Wychwood said...

Ooh Yvonne, this is tough! I'm going to say that number 4 is the lie, I bet you love shellfish!

Olliesmomknits said...

I am hoping the lie is number one and that you have read a HP book!!!

Gryphon the Great said...

I am going to guess that #3 is a lie. Being fluent in 3 languages sounds really hard.