Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The truth...

Last week I was posting 3 truths and a lie and now it's time to reveal the truth...

  1. I've never read a single Harry Potter book: true - but I listened to the audiobooks of them all
  2. I've already visited Africa, but otherwise stayed in Europe: true - I've been to Morocco as a toddler, so I've been in Africa. And that's the only trip so far that brought me out of Europe
  3. I'm fluent in 3 languages, including my native language German: lie - I'm only fluent in English and German, due to lack of practice I forgot almost all of my French and Spanish. Just have passive knowledge there
  4. I have never eaten shellfish: true - and I never will, as I'm allergic to fish and all kinds of seafood. The allergy was detected when I was little and eating fish fingers for the first time, so they are the only fish I've ever eaten.
The only one who guessed this right was Gryphon, congrats.

1 comment:

Pandora said...

wow, allergic to all seafood. I don't like the majority. I forgot to read yours to guess the lie!